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the healthcare law for all of us. they can't be trusted with our dreams and be trusted with our health? plus... shut your computer and turn off your phone. uncle sam is peeping on i, invading phone records and even facebook accounts. the scandal that no one is talking about. and it could cost you dearly at the pump. kark in starts right now. >> i'm eric boling. our "cashin' in" crew will be in here a moment. once a tea party just the beginning. an irs official targeting skoust groups, now in charge of the division to set and enforce health care laws. any search bachmann is fighting back. >> eric: the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups in deciding whether they would get nonprofit status. the same group is now charged with implementing and regulating obamacare. do we trust them to do analytical a fair and balanced way? >> already the irs is most feared federal agency there is. now, they made their life worse because they understand that the american people are catching on. they have to enforce obamacare for all americans. no one will escape this death like grip of the irs. people sh
, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: tonight, growing calls for the irs to keep its hands off healthcare. many are asking how can an agency that violated the public trust be trusted to implement obamacare? congressman marlon stutzman calling it unacceptable even by washington standards. that is a low bar. explain why obama care is beinge administered by the irs. what is the connection? >> by the affordable healthcare are law you that the agency that was selected t audit, to direct, to administer the new you healthcare law. it is pretty concerning for all of us when we hear the chilling reports of what is going on over the irs that now we know that the army being hired for the administration and the irs to administer the law is very concerning and one of those things we should take into account and put it on the list of other reasons why we should repeal the healthcare law like we did yesterday in the house of representatives. >> greta: 30 or are 40 new taxes that the irs has to administer through obama care and plus you have the army of people who are like the navigators to help you sort
that was targeting all of the conservative groups is now going to go over and handle the healthcare part of obamacare with the irs. how concerned should americans be? >> they should be he very concerned. they should have been concerned when obamacare was getting ran through congress in the first place but now that people are finally paying attention and realizing wait a minute i'm paying how much in tabs? it going to cost us how much? the people at the irs who are like storm troopers. the irs is the most feared agency in the world next to maybe the kgb. and these are the people tasked with enforcing making sure that everyone has health insurance? it is a disaster. this woman got $103,000 in bow nesss. taxpayer funded money. was basically promoted and oversaw the targeting of conservative and religious groups and she is getting a promotion. you are telling me that no one know hass is going on here. >> mike: steven miller salt there with a straight face and said the reason this happened is they were just trying to be so efficient. >> hilarious. let's not forget, steven miller was fired. he is is gone.
will be relying on their future healthcare. is that a red flag? is eight red herring? what is it? >> it could be a red flag depending on what the investigation turns out to be. what did she know. did she know a lot and not tell congress. was he is in the middle of this. you have to have the trust of the irs as well as hhs as they implement this big, huge landmark law. the obama administration knows that. if she is tainted by this scandle, that is something they are going to have to make a decision if she is going to continue to head this office of implementing the tax provisions of the new law. the bulk is going into effect in a few months. this lab huge issue in the next election. that is something that the republicans and white house will be looking into it. >> jamie: it's interesting that you bring that up. congressional approval polls continue to be down and recent gallup poll, 16% approve of congress. do you think benghazi the a.p. hold over until the next congressional election? >> depending on where they go, they are definitely going to be going on for next several months are there goi
the healthcare law? >> a whole bunch, paul. this is the largest social program they have been ever been asked to implement. they enforce the individual mandated to buy health insurance also to pay a tax penalty. a mandate on businesses to provide right kind of health insurance. there are 47 major changes of tax laws and they have a much larger policy making role in terms of regulation, what counts as workweek. who counts as a full time worker. >> paul: how many new workers have they asked for? >> they have asked for 1900 full time equivalent for 2014. the affordable care act is big part of the irs. that is about 700 people directly working on it and whole bunch of people brought in. >> paul: they are going to connect data from different parts of the government, big new database? >> right with the hhs they are building something they are building something called the federal data hub. >> paul: that is what we need. [ laughter ] >> if you have the right healthy care and cross that with homeland security and huge information technology. >> paul: just so i understand. if i under pay my taxes, i s
. the irs now is granted huge apartments of unprecedented power over our healthcare and the implementation of obamaquery. this is rotten to the core. this is arrogance. this is big government krone anyism and this is not what hard working taxpayers deserve. people deserve that government they can trust that is honest and impartial. equality before the law and that is not what we are getting here. to try and suggest this is just bureaucratic snafus we already though that is not true. >> chris: congressman, let's turn to benghazi. you say there is no doubt that the obama administration, your words no doubt, epigage engagea coverup of benghazi in their use of the talking points. president obama pointed out that susan rice appeared on the sunday talk shows and just three days later matt olson head of the national counter terrorism center told congress that it was an act of terror. take a look at what the president said. >> who executes some sort of coverup or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic. >> chris: congressman, does the president have a point there
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at the -- violate you at healthcare. liberals don't violate us at bedroom and then crawl up your ass. >> you are terrible. >> remember this, targeting conservative groups. $179,000 that is salary plus bonus. 2010, $200,000. 2012, $203,000. salary plus $103,000 in bonuses. >> this woman should go. >> if she were in the private sector she would be getting paid for the responsibility three times that. >> bob: you point out about people in government. senior executives, she may not be very good one but you can't keep them unless you pay a decent salary. >> eric: she was breaking the rules. >> let's give they are her something. let her take the money and leave. either do a good job or leave. >> they didn't know anything about it. it was employees in cincinnati that dreamed this up. it's not true. and career civil ser vantsd are going to be where they are going to be. i think there is a serious problem with pushing obamacare on the american people, having the irs shall in charge of it. being at the helm when the irs goes in scandal mode and expect they are going to implement obamacare? that is pol
the infrastructure. you have to have the healthcare personnel. for people to be doing this out of a so-called little private office, it is really -- there is no words to describe the crime. >> bret: unlike the ala carte pricing for anesthesia in short-term abortions gosnell insistd that late term patients be heavily is a dadeed according to grand jury testimony. >> he didn't like anybody who was loud because he didn't want to attract the police. he would tell these women to med 'em up. med-em-up. med emup. >>> four months earlier she had moved to virginia from nepal. she wanted to end her pregnancy. three local clinics would not perform the abortion but one referred her to the women's medical society. on november 18 her friend and her daughter drove her to gosnell's clinic. >> supposed to be given once every three hours and this was give karnamaya mongar. she was given demerol dose after demerol dose after demerol dose. >> mongar was a small one but two helpers who would later be charged with murder did not adjust the medication to mongar's size. >> she lost all of her vital signs. she stopped breat
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groups is not going to handle the healthcare part of obama care of the irs how concerned should americans be? >> they should be very concerned. they should be concerned obama care is rammed through congress in the first place. now that people are paying attention and realizing i am paying how much in taxes it's going to cost us how much? irs is the most feared agency in the world next to the kbg. they are forcing everyone to have health insurance. it is a disaster. this woman got 103,000 dollars in bonuses tax payer funded money and she was promoted and she over saw the targeting of conservative groups and religious groups and she is getting basically a promotion. you are telling me no one is getting on here? >> before the weighs and means committee said with a straight face the reason it was happening is because they were trying to be so efficient. >> what's the promotion point. steven miller was fired he's gone. i understand obama does not -- did not take him out in the middle of times square and following him like people maybe would want but he is gone. i think this is a fair link. whe
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this woman at the head of obama care. the sensitive healthcare information we're going to trust our healthcare information with this woman? that's what tea party groups are saying. >> enforced it for people who were not complying. >> tucker: you didn't listen to the president in his commencement address you would have to be a crackpot. government your friend. anyone who thinks otherwise is paranoid and crazy and outside the mainstream. big data is a real concern. not just business. federal government, gun registry, obama care and a lot of information. we have to trust it's being used in a fair judicious way and it's not we're learning. >> alisyn: just because i'm paranoid doesn't mean i'm rgt tad? that ghooms play. get to the headlines and tell you what else is happening at this hour. we know the identity of the hofstra student killed in a terrifying home invasion. a masked gunman broke into the off campus home of andrea robelo held jessica and hostage sending a third woman to an atm to get money. that woman called police. when police arrived, gunshots rang out leaving rebello and g
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15